My name is Niccoló Gloazzo.
I help e-commerce stores grow fast via A/B testing, data analysis, and design implementation. I'm currently part of the growth team at Kettle & Fire, where I focus on conversion rate optimization, running over 100 tests a year to improve key metrics.

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Fantastic work. Love partnering with him. He's very thorough, asks great questions, and is fantastic at communicating complex ideas. Big fan.

AdamProduct Owner @ Singularity University

If you are looking for a CRO professional that will help your team and guide it from a CRO perspective then look no further!

AmitaiMarketing Manager @ OverstockArt

Niccolo was one of the best Upwork freelancers I've worked with. We initially hired him to set up A/B tests for us on VWO. He has very strong communication skills and initiative.
Anyways that's just a quick summary but Nicco is a valuable asset to the company. Everything from creating dev/ui scopes, to launching experiments, to analyzing, to QAing. Basically a full-stack CRO testing member.

WilsonHead of Growth @ Kettle & Fire

Nicco was instrumental in getting Perfect Keto's analytics into a simple and useful place. We'd stopped and started with custom builds, data warehouses, and nothing worked for us. He brought a playbook that was perfect for an ecom biz like ours, and ran the project like a pro. 10/10 would recommend.

WillMarketing Manager @ PerfectKeto

I work with companies that make between 10K and 40+ Mill a year.

I like DTC companies because I believe there are many opportunities to scale fast with the right tools, skills, and strategies.

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Ecommerce Growth

I enjoy analyzing e-commerce stores and help them grow online.

I have a podcast

I run a podcast and meetups in Amsterdam & Milan.


I like playing with data, analyzing the LTV of your clients, and creating custom reports to give you a full picture of your business.

Unrivaled Quality

I manage, build, and develop teams.


When possible, I like to automate repetitive tasks to maximize efficiency.


A/B testing is something I do on a daily basis. I like to plan, review, launch, and analyze how to make your website sell more.